What Makes A Haas Scholar

Haas Scholars are:

  • Academically Talented: value learning both for its own sake and to make a difference in the world
  • Community-Oriented:  desire to be part of an interdisciplinary academic community by learning from one’s peers 
  • With initiative and follow-through:  ready to take on the challenge of conducting an independent research or creative project that will culminate in a senior/honors thesis

Haas Scholars receive:

  • One-on-one mentoring from members of the UC Berkeley faculty
  • A required seminar in the Fall (1 unit, P/NP) and a writing workshop in the Spring  (1 unit, P/NP), to provide a warm and supportive peer community, and staff and faculty feedback to assist with the research and writing process. 
  • An opportunity to present the results of your work at a professional academic conference in January
  • Assistance with graduate school and fellowship applications, career counseling, and other support to help you realize your individual post-graduation plans 
  • Membership in an alumni community (438+ strong and growing each year!) that provides ongoing connections and support
  • Up to $13,800 in financial support during your fellowship year:

A.  Disbursed in the summer: 

  • $3800-$5000 summer living stipend ($3800 if you will be abroad most of the summer)
  • up to $5000 for research expenses

B.  Disbursed during the fall and spring:

  • $1800/semester academic year living stipend, if your financial aid package has room for it.

C. Disbursed at the end of your year as a Haas Scholar:

  • $200 completion stipend

…why not apply and find out what the Haas Scholars Program can do for you?