Haas Scholars

Melody Britt

The Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia: Examining the Tribunal’s Indirect Contribution to National Healing

Melody’s project examines how the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia have contributed to national healing beyond individual prosecutions. While the courts were established in 2003 to provide justice for the estimated 1.7 million individuals who perished during the Khmer Rouge regime, the trials have garnered widespread criticism for having indicted only 5 senior leaders. This research will challenge what is considered an “effective” trial by incorporating measures like improvements in psychosocial support, education, and access to nontraditional healing methods that emerged as a result of the court’s presence. By analyzing literature, and conducting interviews with administrators, public officials, and community leaders during her summer in Cambodia, Melody hopes her findings will provide a fuller understanding of how international criminal tribunals might aid in reconstructing post-conflict environments.

  • Major: Political Science, Human Rights minor
  • Mentor: Amy Gurowitz, Political Science